Andrés Padrón Acosta
Camino La Placeta nº 8
Los Llanillos, Frontera
El Hierro, Islas Canarias
España (Spain)
Phone: +34-616-066-879

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Welcome to "Casa de mi Abuela Amparo"

At the village " Chijo" , in the geographical center of the El Golfo valley, is the location of "Casa de Abuela Amparo".

The house is from 1920. Its original construction was very simple, the size of the house and the materials used for it : stone and juniper wood.

During its restoration, our priority was to preserve all the elements and to keep its
own personality.

When we did the expansion of the house adapting it to modern and actual equipment, we did that, without breaking the original structure.

We have to highlight the amazing views, the peace and silence of the surroundings.
Its terrace is like a viewpoint from which you can contemplate the sunset from El Golfo valley and the kestrels flying over the vineyards.

In the background, as a faithful timeless witnesses, the Roques Salmor.